G-160 Secondary Impact Study

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida



Jonathan T. Ricketts was selected by NPBCID to produce the G-160 Secondary Impact Study. This study was jointly commissioned by the South Florida Water Management District, South Indian River Water Control District and Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District to further quantify the potential seepage that will occur due to the increased hydroperiod from the operation of the G-160 Structure. Facilities with possible impacts include interior roads, drainage and pump facilities, multiple golf courses and existing environmental preserves.

The study involved a special purpose survey to collect the elevations of over ten miles of perimeter berms, and quantify the permeabilities of the soils to depths of one hundred feet. The soil permeabilities were used in the Army Corps of Engineer's program SEEP2D to calculate the seepage rate for each subdivision. A rating curve for each subdivision was produced to show the amount of seepage versus the incremental water surface elevations in the adjacent canal resulting from the G-160 structure.


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